Ted + Candi | Engaged

Ted and Candi started their session at the museum and then we headed down the road to a rail yard for even more access to old, vintage trains! It was so much fun getting to do something new for their shoot but what I really loved the most was getting to spend time with these two and hearing their story!

Ted and Candi currently live out in Portland, Oregon! Talk about a long flight! They came home for the holidays and it was a perfect time for their shoot. Candi and Ted’s energy, sweet spirits and love for one another made their shoot such a dream!

They were both ready to throw in the towel in the dating realm and then they found one another. At the perfect time, they found their soulmate. It’s obvious when you’re around these two that they are an amazing pair. It was an honor to be a part of their engagement session, but it will also be such an honor to be a part of their wedding day! It will be here before we know it and we can’t wait!

Source: http://katelynjamesblog.com/a-train-inspired-engagement-shoot-roanoke-virginia-wedding-photographer/

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